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These credits reward taxpayers for installing renewable energy systems like solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, etc. The taxpayer deducts a percentage of the system's cost from their tax liability. For example, the US federal ITC currently offers a 30% tax credit for residential solar installations.

Investment Tax Credits (ITCs)

These credits incentivize renewable energy production by awarding credits to owners of qualified renewable energy facilities based on the amount of electricity they generate. This provides ongoing financial support for the project's operation.

Production Tax Credits (PTCs)

Additional credits exist for specific technologies or applications, such as energy storage systems or projects in low-income communities.

Other Credits

Types of RETCs

By lowering the effective cost of renewable energy systems, RETCs make them more affordable for individuals and businesses, attracting more investment.

Reduce Upfront Costs

PTCs provide a direct revenue stream for renewable energy projects, making them more financially attractive for investors and lenders.

Increased Project Returns

Many government programs offer additional funding for renewable energy projects that utilize RETCs, further encouraging investment.

Attract Government Grants and Loans

Stable and long-term RETC policies create certainty for investors and developers, facilitating better planning and financing for projects.

Create a More Predictable Market

How RETCs Raise Capital

Image by Karsten Würth

Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Renewable Energy Tax Credits (RETCs) can indeed be a powerful tool for raising capital for clean energy projects.

The IRA broadened and extended RETCs, providing stability and new incentives for clean energy projects.

Inflation Reduction Act in the US

Many countries across the world offer RETCs to promote renewable energy development.

Global RETC Programs

Current Landscape of RETCs

The US ITC for solar installations has spurred immense growth in the solar industry, attracting billions of dollars in investment and creating millions of jobs.

Solar Energy Boom

PTCs have played a crucial role in financing large-scale wind energy projects across the US, leading to a significant increase in clean energy generation.

Wind Energy Farm

RETCs can make community solar programs, where multiple households share a solar array, more financially viable, enabling wider access to clean energy.

Community Solar Projects

Example of RETCs Raising Capital

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