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New Markets

Tax Credit

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program is a federal initiative in the United States that utilizes tax credits to encourage private investment in low-income communities. It's not technically a "New Market" itself, but rather a program that aims to revitalize these areas. Here's how it works as a tool for raising capital:

Investors who purchase NMTCs from Community Development Entities (CDEs) receive a 39% tax credit on their investment, spread over seven years. This can significantly reduce their tax liability and make investing in CDEs more attractive.

Tax Breaks

NMTCs offer investors the opportunity to generate positive social impact alongside financial returns. By investing in distressed communities, they contribute to job creation, economic development, and improved quality of life for residents.

Social Impact

For Investors

CDEs utilize NMTCs to raise capital for projects in low-income communities, spanning businesses, healthcare, schools, affordable housing, and infrastructure.

Access to Capital

NMTCs offer CDEs flexibility to combine funds with other sources, crafting project structures tailored to community needs for sustainable development.

Flexible Financing

For Community Development Entities

NMTCs fuel economic growth in low-income areas, with an 8:1 ratio of private investment to each $1 of federal funding.

Economic Development

NMTC-funded projects create jobs in high-unemployment areas, reducing poverty and boosting economic well-being.

Job Creation

NMTCs revitalize communities by attracting businesses, jobs, and investment, improving infrastructure and residents' quality of life.

Community Revitalization

Overall Benefits

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