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Historic Tax Credit

Historic Tax Credits (HTCs) are incentives offered by the government to encourage private investment in the rehabilitation and preservation of historic buildings. These credits can significantly reduce the tax liability of property owners who undertake qualified rehabilitation projects.

Property owners who rehabilitate a certified historic building according to specific guidelines are eligible to claim a percentage of their qualified rehabilitation expenses as a tax credit.


In the United States, the federal HTC program offers a 20% tax credit on qualified expenses. Some states also offer their own HTC programs, with additional credits or variations in eligibility requirements.


The tax credit can be used to offset federal income tax liability, making the project more financially attractive for investors and developers.



HTCs help breathe new life into historic structures that might otherwise be demolished or fall into disrepair. This preserves the architectural heritage and character of communities.


HTC projects create jobs in construction, related trades, and businesses that occupy the rehabilitated buildings. They can also revitalize downtowns and neighborhoods, attracting new residents and businesses.

Economic Development

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Community Benefits

HTCs can make historic preservation projects more financially viable by reducing the upfront costs and generating tax benefits. This attracts private investment that might not otherwise be available.

Financial Benefits

Benefits of Historic Tax Credits

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