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Economic and Community Development

Passionate commercial developers seeking to boost local economies have avenues of support. Governments offer tax breaks, grants, and subsidies to spur growth, especially in underserved areas. These initiatives attract funding for major projects by easing developers' tax burdens.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Development and Economic Development?

Commerce fuels economy, both local and national. Commercial ventures like hospitals, shopping centers, and offices drive growth, especially when combined with mixed-use developments in urban areas. Governments often offer tax breaks and grants to support these projects, fostering economic prosperity and job creation.

Investors save on taxes, and communities get a boost. The program has helped projects like the Firelake Arena in Oklahoma and the Cade Museum in Florida thrive.

Win-Win Situation

The US Treasury's New Markets Tax Credit program encourages private investment in underserved areas through tax credits for investments in Community Development Entities (CDEs), which fund businesses in low-income neighborhoods.

Turning Tax Breaks into Thriving Communities

Various financing options exist within the program. Consult a lawyer specializing in the NMTC to see if it's right for you.

For Investors and CDEs

New Markets Tax Credit Program

The Opportunity Zones program rewards businesses investing in designated low-income areas.

Tax Breaks for Reinvestment in Economic Deserts

Delay capital gains taxes until 2026 by reinvesting them in an Opportunity Fund within 180 days. No cap on reinvested gains.

The Deal

Investors save, communities gain. All property types potentially qualify, but options vary by location.


Check the IRS list for zones, select a fund manager, and find competitive fees

Do Your Research

Opportunity Zones

Real estate developers focused on affordable housing can tap into grants from the U.S. Treasury's Capital Magnet Fund. This program fuels projects that aid low-income communities.

Building Homes,
Building Hope


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Funding for Good


Investing in affordable housing impacts the whole community. As neighborhoods flourish, they attract private investors, boosting economic development.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar


Capital Management Fund

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